03 Nov 2020

AJP Tour Podcast: Guthierry Barbosa on a tough road to BJJ stardom

Ane Nunes/AJP

On the latest episode of the AJp Tour Podcast, Will Safford hosts Carlson Gracie Team’s black belt Guthierry Barbosa for a candid talk.

The young talent goes on the hardships a Jiu Jitsu competitor faces on his way to success.

Guthierry also talks us through his campaign at the ADGS Miami and his plans for the future.

The full episode is available on our Youtube Channel.

ADGS Rio: final spots left to compete in Brazil. Register now!

Brazil really loves Jiu Jitsu! Although the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour Rio de Janeiro is more than a month away, the event is already at 80% of capacity.

The ADGS Rio is scheduled December 5-6, at the Arena Carioca 1.

The final registration deadline is November 20, but it is highly likely full capacity will be reached way before that date.

The event is open to purple belts, brown belts and black belts in the adult and masters divisions.

A good news for non-Brazilian competitors is that Brazil has lifted all restrictions for travelers coming in the country by air and staying up to 90 days.

The only requirement is for travelers to have travel insurance that covers medical costs for the duration of the trip.

Register now and don’t risk being out of Rio’s largest and most important Jiu Jitsu event of the season. Click here to register now!

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