07 May 2020

Video: Sergio Capella’s detail so you don’t lose the hook sweep

Capella and Clebinho.

Do you usually have trouble hook-sweeping? Today our friends from Laranjeiras Jiu-Jitsu Club, in Rio, bring you quite the gift, then: a detail for when your opponent sprawls and throws their weight on the legs.

In the lesson, Prof. Sergio Capella, aided by Prof. Clebinho, demonstrates how to go into the hook guard to sweep. But Clebinho performs a defense, moving backwards and lowering the hip, sprawling his legs to avoid the reversal. To execute the sweep, Sergio switches his grip to the belt, keeping the other grip on the arm. Then he projects his hip forward while pulling his opponent up, thus suspending the hook to sweep.

Translated transcript:

“I’ll show a tip for a hook sweep. Normally the opponent starts sprawling and starts making my sweep harder. Normally, when I enter the hook sweep, I bring my opponent closer to me. Then he usually starts moving away. At this moment I’ll switch my grip and hold his belt at navel height. I continue to control his sleeve. His arm can be controlled at the elbow or hand. Except now I’m going to pull my body backwards and make a high rowing motion with my elbow, throwing my elbow to my ear. Now it gets easy for me to sweep.”



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