28 Apr 2020

An online BJJ tournament? It’s happening in May

Virtual BJJ tourney is a partnership between Pro Sports and GRACIEMAG.

Get ready for Motion BJJ, the first online BJJ tournament — an initiative by @prosportsbjj to keep active the many athletes hit by the quarantine made necessary by the coronavirus.

The first round is all about takedowns and finishes. In order to participate, the athlete must send a video over direct to @prosportsbjj. The video must show footage of them performing a takedown or submission in a jiu-jitsu competition.

The video must be at most 15 seconds long, sent alongside the athlete’s information (name, team and age, nationality and name of competition shown). Sign-up is free and runs until tomorrow, April 30.

“The first round is slated to begin on May 8,” says the organization. “Duels will be published in @prosportsbjj’s stories. The internet audience will vote on who should advance in the brackets.”



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