17 Mar 2020

No-gi BJJ: Learn a double attack from Kyra Gracie

Kyra Gracie teaches you how to mount and finish in no-gi, in much the same way the Gracie Kore instructor used to do in her time as an ADCC champion.

Translated transcript:

“We’re here on the mount. When I reached this position, she started squirming to get out. So first you have to stabilize this position. Then I lower my body and start hugging the face. When I hug the face, I always come in here, on the line of the neck, which is where I have space to pass my hand through. I’ve passed my hand; now I’ll throw all my weight on her face, forcing her to turn sideways a bit. Now, here, I have the option to use an ezequiel. I’ve applied the ezequiel and I can finish here. But in this situation, I was starting to apply it and she began defending. Once she did that, I used my free arm to lock her hand. When I managed to lock her hand, I came up with my knee and my body, knowing that my belly is locking her arm here. If I only hold her arm, it will be strength versus strength, and she may be able to remove the arm. So, when I hold, I come up, lock, and she can no longer return. Now look at the detail: I come in with my elbow, taking her arm away. Again: I’m here, I’ve come in with my elbow. I free her hand, get my elbow in, and I lift my hand. Now that I’ve lifted it, I’m ready to finish. I’ve pulled her leg… From here, sometimes I don’t even need to pass my leg to finish. I just fall here, and she’s already tapping. Or, if you prefer, let go, get your knees together, thumb up, raise the hip. That was how I succeeded in finishing my opponent in this fight.”



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