06 Nov 2019

Márcio André: Learn to strengthen your grips from several positions

After making a splash in the competitive BJJ scene in 2016, Nova União’s Márcio André kindly taught a class to viewers of the Graciemag YouTube channel.

He said that he could credit his way of training with much of that success. In the following video, he demonstrates several positions for improving his grips in specific fight scenarios.

Translated transcript:

“He makes a grip, and I don’t have to break it. I have to slowly free myself from it. Isometric.

“Then there’s the one lying down. It’s one of them. He holds my arms and lifts himself.

“Then there are the ones specific to certain moves. Go, break it! Other side.

“Then there’s inside the guard. He crosses, and I have to break it. Then I get up.

“And there are many others. My warm-up is all set up for this. Yeah… Cool. But I think even cooler are the specific ones.

“There’s this one, and he breaks it. Other side. Got it? These are specific ones.”



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