01 Nov 2019

Brazilian police to investigate murder of Olympic judoka Mário Sabino

The murder of the former judoka Mário Sabino, which took place October 25th in Bauru, will be investigated by São Paulo state’s Civilian Police. An inquiry should look into the death of the former military policeman and will be carried out in parallel with investigations by the Military Police, given that both Sabino and his suspected killer worked in the Military Police.

According to previous investigation, Sabino was killed by a sergeant, who committed suicide soon after. They were not working at the time, and the motive is suspected to have been a fight between Sabino and the sergeant’s wife.

In an interview with the website UOL, João Henrique Ferreira, prosecutor of the city of Bauru, explained about the external control of military judicial police activity. He said that both men’s guns went off around the time of the killing. Some information from a previous forensic report seems inaccurate, so now forensics will collect material for residuographic examination of the hands of the two men and complete the report.

Mário Sabino Júnior represented Brazil at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games, and was a Pan-American gold medalist in 2003.



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