29 Oct 2019

Learn two self-defense moves against an armed assailant


In the words of Carlos Gracie Jr., BJJ is one thing, with no differences between the competitive side and self-defense. To him, the sport techniques, which are aimed at honing one’s game against an opponent of the same technical level, are also used on the street, against a real opponent who also knows jiu-jitsu. Self-defense, just like competition-focused techniques, must always be honed.

That’s why Prof. Cesar Palhares teaches self-defense at his gym in Brazil, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Charitas, hand in hand with competition techniques. In the video below, the instructor shows two of his specialties for containing attacks from a firearm or knife. These are also positions that can be used to take out someone’s base and finish in a tournament.

Check ’em out. And come here if you’re interested in a thorough self-defense program.



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