16 Sep 2019

Guilherme Iunes teaches an armbar defense with guard pass

Instructor Guilherme Iunes, who, alongside his brothers, leads Gracie Barra Recreio and Gracie Barra Bandeirantes, has a new home.

Gracie Barra Curicica had its grand opening last week in Rio de Janeiro, and Guilherme marked the occasion by sending us a special tip for escaping an armbar.

In the position, Guilherme not only saves his arm from getting stretched, but also reverses the position, putting himself in a position to pass guard.

Translated transcript:

“Once I’ve grabbed the collar, now his leg is too hard — I can’t get it off [0:09]. I’ll hold his lower leg. I’ll come way down low on the shin. Having held it, now I’ll stretch my arm and hip-escape. I’ve trapped his leg. The goal of the armbar is for the guy to close both knees to take my arm away. Now I can do the half-guard over his knee [0:30]. I’ll hug the leg, and I’ve stretched my body by putting my elbow on the ground. He’s no longer taking my arm away. It’s no longer on his hip. From here, now, I’ll start adjusting myself, I’ll come up [0:42], I keep the leg pressure, I take out my arm, throw it over, I sprawl, and I pass to get on the side.”



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