04 Aug 2019

The statue in Copacabana: Shake hands with Carlson Gracie Monday, Aug. 12

First stage of the statue, made out of clay.

The date chosen for the unveiling of the statue of Carlson Gracie, the first son of Grandmaster Carlos Gracie, is not August 12 by accident. Superstitious like few others, Carlson used to celebrate his birthday on that date, despite having been born on August 13.

On August 12, 2019, starting at noon, the date will again be celebrated in style with the presence of the master, whose bronze statue will permanently offer a handshake to all who walk by the Siqueira Campos subway station on Shimon Peres Square, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

Carlson, who in his time as fighter always weighed just over 70kg, will now weigh 200 — finally a heavyweight like the ones he used to challenge. The statue was made by Edgar Duvivier, who also produced the statue of the writer Clarice Lispector, which sits in nearby Leme. Tens of masters and black-belts shaped by Carlson’s classic academy are expected to attend the unveiling.



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