10 Jul 2019

BJJ Stars confirms absolute GP in California for October

Patrick Gáudio. Vitor Freitas

Whom would you like to see in the next BJJ Stars absolute GP? The question hangs in the air after the confirmation by Fepa Lopes this week, on Instagram, about the next edition of the event that rocked the BJJ community in February of this year with breathtaking matches. The new card will be presented in California on October 26.

Fellipe Andrew and Patrick Gaudio are the first two names confirmed. The GP’s champion will win R$ 100,000. The runner-up will take 30,000. The third-place decider will have 10,000 on the line. After the matches play out, the event will turn into a big party, Fepa assures.

“The initial idea was Manaus, but a few setbacks with deadlines brought us to other plans,” he said. “However, upon traveling to California to check out the IBJJF Worlds, we got this offer to host it in the U.S. The plan is to do the GP with a party after the fights, an ‘after fight.’ It worked great and everything went according to plan.”

BJJ Stars’s move to the U.S. caused a commotion among some fans on social media, but Fepa said Brazilians can rest easy, telling them that BJJ Stars hasn’t left Brazil for good, and that there will be a new event in the country soon.



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