29 Jun 2019

Ginástica Natural: Álvaro Romano teaches two types of push-ups

[First published in 2009.]

Hammer push-up

A. Start in this position, with one
leg extended and
the other bent. To
start the movement,
thrust yourself up
with the bent leg.

B. When switching
legs, your whole
body will follow the
movement. Notice
how your arms are
not totally extended.
Seek to also keep
your body as aligned
as possible.

C – Upon switching
legs, start the
exercise over immediately.
Aim at
doing a set of ten,
at high speed.

Superman push-up

This is a high-intensity Ginástica Natural exercise, especially for
practitioners who’ve been keeping up with our training regime in

A. Pick a soft surface, like a
mat or grass, and begin in classic
push-up position, but with
your legs slightly spread apart
to allow for greater thrust.

B. Carry out the push-up normally,
but with great explosiveness,
so as to lift yourself off the
ground completely. At the same
time stretch out your arms as far
to the front as they will go.

C. Quickly bring your arms back
alongside your body, to soften
the landing. Again in starting
position (A), try to repeat the
exercise. Perform at most ten



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