18 Jun 2019

Leão Teixeira and the art of teaching takedowns to little ones

Leão Teixeira applies a balloon takedown with both feet, reassuring the kids.

Kids’ class in Rio de Janeiro. Master Leão Teixeira organizes the pairs of children, many from the social project he runs. Leão knows that teaching kids is serious stuff — they can lose interest if the repetition isn’t fun.

Today he is teaching a classic takedown in BJJ and judo. First, only the motion, without using his feet, to then put his feet on his partner’s waist, making sure he won’t lose his balance. The takedown in question is the tomoe nage, where only one leg goes to the waist and one stays on the ground, being used to drive the motion. But for now, building the move is more important.

Check out the process right here:




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