12 Jun 2019

Classic tips to foil the mount, with Leão Teixeira

Leão Teixeira moves to avoid the mount and take the back.  

A BJJ teacher with decades of experience, coral-belt José Leão Teixeira once did a series of self-defense lessons for his YouTube channel, Dojjo.

In one of those lessons, from back when he was still sporting a black belt, Leão Teixeira demonstrated three techniques that can be used in real-life scenarios, two of them related to the situation of being faced with the threat of being mounted on.

It’s all about the right time to position yourself when your opponent goes for the mount. The teacher offers two options for staying safe: one where you take the back, and one where you spin and end up on top.

Watch this classic lesson, with English subtitles, right here:



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