04 Jun 2019

Video: When the absolute queen of BJJ was making her debut, with Nathiely de Jesus

Nathiely, moved after winning the absolute title in 2019. Blanca Marisa Garcia

June 2016. Nathiely de Jesus won her first double gold as a brown-belt and received the black belt from Cícero Costha. But that 5th of June marked the start of a new mission: getting double gold at black belt too.

After coming close in 2018, with silver in the absolute against Tayane Porfírio (which has since turned into gold after Tayane was penalized by the USADA), Nathiely has, at last, done it.

It happened last Sunday, June 2, 2019. After quickly submitting Fernanda Mazzelli at heavyweight, Nathiely was intelligent in her fight with champion Bia Mesquita, coming up twice to win the title on points, without exposing herself.

But Nathiely has an aggressive style, very different from that of the cautious athlete we saw in this year’s absolute final. In 2017, for example, in her first World Championship as a black-belt, she went fiercely after Andresa Correa, an already decorated champion, and after mounting, choked her with the lapel. Click the play button below to watch some vintage Nathiely.



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