06 May 2019

Check out the improbable conclusion to Meregali vs. Rudson Mateus at the Brazilian Nationals

Nicholas Meregali and Rudson fighting for absolute gold.

In the final match of the 2019 Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship, with R$ 8,000 on the line, Nicholas Meregali and Rudson Mateus stepped on the mat hungry for victory. But the match held last Sunday in Barueri had an unexpected end.

Each the champion of his weight division just minutes before they clashed in the open, Meregali and Rudson were having an exciting duel, with good chances all around. The fight started changing after Rudson took a penalty, though, and later the lack of combativeness by both fighters led to the fight being interrupted following consecutive penalties.

Trailing on the scoreboard, Rudson took penalty No. 4 and was disqualified, leaving the gold medal and top prize to Meregali.

See how it went down below and draw your own conclusion.



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