01 May 2019

Rodolfo Vieira will return to MMA next month in Poland

Rodolfo. Carlos Arthur Jr.

Rodolfo Vieira, the world’s 2011 absolute BJJ champion, is still making a career for himself in mixed martial arts, and we now know when his next bout takes place.

Following a nearly year-long hiatus, Rodolfo will take on his next challenge on June 8th, at ACA 96. He will be in Poland to face Vitaliy Nemchinov of Russia.

Undefeated in four fights, with three wins by submission, Rodolfo last fought Jacob Holyman-Tague at ACB 88 — an encounter that ended with Holyman-Tague submitting to a rear naked choke. Now, in the era following the organization’s name change, Rodolfo will be tasked with defeating a more experienced fighter — Nemchinov’s record shows 11 bouts, with the latest of his ten consecutive wins having taken place last January.



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